This is an Erasmus+ project

Our program was created by the need for a humanitarian and creative approach and  the use of Internet which responds to new data that are formed in the the European Union with the spread of the Internet in all areas of life of its citizens: education, work, entertainment. It’s duration is 2 years.


There are eight schools  involved in our partnership, seven of which belong to countries members of the European Union, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, PolandRomania, and one from Turkey, a country set to join the European Union. All these schools share common socio-economic background, common difficulties and problems but at the same time they share common concerns, goals and vision.

The activities we have planned are:
  • Elaboration of a questionnaire and surveys
  • Collection, synthesis, evaluation and presentation of information material, digital and printed (e-book and guide)
  • Educational scenarios
  • Creation of logo, video, photo gallery, song-lyrics-video clips, creation and drama presentation
  • Building and supporting moodle, web site, blog
  • Build web/mobile applications
  • Learning from peers
  • Organizing briefings, seminars and workshops by skilled scientists and institutions to students, teachers and parents
  • Dissemination of results at every stage of the program to students, teachers and parents
The activities are designed to seek a holistic approach:
  • investigatory
  • informational
  • interpretative
  • synthetic
  • aesthetic
  • technocratic