Our 3rd meeting was taken place in Lyceum ``Hristo Botev``- Dolni Dabnik - Bulgaria from 23 to 27 March 2015

The programme of the meeting

All the participants students and teachers were gathered in Dolni Dabnik in Hristo Botev secondary school on Monday 23 of  March.

There was a welcome ceremony at the beginning.
9.30  Presentations – Ways of protection in Internet – relevant bodies /from the schedule in Budapest/

11.30 A short technical session for everybody –

How is wikisite working and FAQ about it – from Romanian group

12.00 Meeting with the Mayor
12.30 Lunch with families for students
14.00 Travel to Pleven
14.30 Visit to the Historical Museum
15.30 Visit to the Panorama
16.30 Walk around Pleven

Tuesday  24 March  

 8.30 Lecture by an expert in school

9.30– Workshop – How to make  a blog /students teach students

12.00 Lunch with families for students, lunch for teachers in a restaurant
14.00 Workshop – How to make  comics /students teach students
16.00 Working with applications
17.00 Workshop – Bulgarian traditions
– Teachers meeting, planning the next international meeting. The following topics were discussed and certain activities were planned:


Wednesday  25  March

8.10 Excursion – leaving for ETARA by coach

10.30 Guided tour in Etar- an open air archeological and ethnographic museum

Students take photos in order to send it to the Bulgarian students who will add it to the Bulgarian blog in the section “Bulgarian handcrafts”.
 12.30 Lunch in Veliko Tarnovo
14.00 Visit to Tsarevets hill- a Medieval stronghold located on a hill in Veliko Tarnovo
16.00 Walk along the handicrafts’ street

Students take photos for the Bulgarian blog.

17.00 Return to Pleven
8.10 Leaving for Sofia by coach

11.00 –Visit to the National Historical Museum

13.30 Guided tour around Sofia

– Visit to the National Polytechnical Museumin order to understand the importance of technology in science development and human progress

18.15 – Planning the next activities /for teachers/

Friday  27  March

 9.30 Visit to Arena di Serdica

12.00 Lunch in the centre

13.30 Walking tour in the city centre

18.15 – Planning the next activities /for teachers/


The number of participant students were 24 (from the 7 partner countries) and 10 from the host country.