Our 2nd meeting was taken place in “Liceo B. Russell” CLES (TN) from 9 – 13 February 2015

Programme of the meeting

9th February

At 7.50 the whole group was welcomed by the school Principal Ms Rossi Tiziana and by the teacher in charge of the project Mrs Del Prete Patrizia. Students and teachers received a welcome pack with tourist information about the region and the main places they were going to visit during the week.

Students were divided into 4 groups o f mixed nationalities with an Italian group leader in each group. The groups carried out an analysis of the questionnaire results and prepared a ppt to present at the SID conference the following day; each group drew a project logo and wrote a text about Romeo and Juliet at the time of Internet and a Facebook profile for the Iceman.

After the lunch break at school students finished their work and teachers met to discuss the further agenda until 17.00 when the students went back home


10th February

At 8.00 the Safe Internet Day conference was held in the auditorium of th middle school and students got a chance to present the results of their questionnaire and discuss them with experts and students from Barelli vocational school, with an analysis on the female side of the Web: risks and opportunities for female teens on the Net, followed by an official handing of SIDonne (Safer Internet Day for Women).


Official welcoming by local authorities:Mr Luciano Malfer, Head of the  Provincial Agency for Family, Parenting and Youth policies. The agency has the mandate to foster digital citizenship within the boundaries of Trentino.

Ombudsperson for Children, lawyer Daniela Longo, on minors’ rights on the Net and how to The Agency’s Digital Citizenship Area spokesperson, Monica Buiatti, on a comparative analysis between Erasmus+ questionnaire outcomes and recent local, national and European surveys of teens’ use of the Web.

Psychologist and psychotherapist , Dr Serena Valorzi, on how communication over the Web impacts emotively and cognitively on the adolescent surfer.

Students and teachers had time for questions.

After the lunch break at school the group left for Trento by coach; they had a guided tour at MUSE, (the brand-new science museum designed by Renzo Piano) in order to understand the importance of technology in science development and human progress and students were invited to write tweets about the museum highlights.

At 18.30 they took part in the welcome pizza” at IL GIARDINO RESTAURANT in Cles.

 11th February

 At 8.00 the group left for Bolzano where they had a “hands-on” guided tour of the History Museum in order to understand how technology applies to history and archeology and complete their Facebook profile of the Iceman with “real facts”; after a walking tour in the town centre they came back to Cles at 16.00

12th February

 At 8.00 the group left for Verona by coach; they visited the Roman Arena and Juliet’s house where they performed their short role-plays about Romeo and Juliet’s love story at the time of Internet; they arrived in Cles at 18.00.

13th Friday

The groups continued working in the school computer lab to upload the final products of this meeting on our Facebook group and on our web page.