1st Geniko Lykeio Pallinis - ``Pierre De Coubertin``

1st  GENERAL  LYCEUM  PALLINIS “PIERRE DE COYBERTIN”  is a general secondary school (high school) focused on general education. It is situated in the city of Pallini, a suburb of Athens, the Greek   capital. We have about 250 students aged from 15 to 18 years old and 25 teachers. Most of our students come from working class or middle class background.

pirre de coubertin

The   school is a member of the International Pierre De Coubertin Committee’s school net that organizes youth forums worldwide every two years, involving students in cultural and athletic activities and spreading the Olympic spirit. We have participated in many forums. In September of 2009 we hosted students and teachers from schools all over the world within the framework of the 7th International Pierre De Coubertin youth forum.

Our students   participate  in European contests  such as  Euroscola,Euso and support the N.G.O.  Make a wish, an organization which caters for children suffering from terminal diseases. They also take active part in “Youth Parliament”, an action held every year in the Greek Parliament, where teenage students argue about important  issues of today’s reality.

Our school is open to the society as cooperates closely with local authorities and organizes charities, gathering each year clothing, food,  books, toys, etc, for people in need. Our students have also the opportunity to  take  part in athletic events, watch theatrical performances and movies  and learn about important matters that concern them  from  professionals  invited at school. Moreover they join cultural events (musical and theatrical shows) all over the school year.

Finally a high percentage of our students succeeds in entering university and follows an academic carrier.