X. Kerületi Zrínyi Miklós Gimnázium, Budapest

Our school is a two-storey big building. It is a grammar school which students aged between 14-19 attend. The school is situated in the tenth district of Budapest and was named after the outstanding poet and general of the 17the century, Zrínyi Miklós.

There are many facilities in the school, for example, for studies we have science laboratories, computer rooms and a library. For sport, we have a basketball court, a football field and a gym.

In the school there is a choir, its students sing at school celebrations, and they also have performances in other schools and festivals.


We celebrate different events at school. We have an opening ceremony and a breaking-up ceremony, and we celebrate national holidays such as 23 October and 15 March. In our school there is the so called ribbon-pinning ceremony and the school-leavers’ walk is held for students who finish school.

Besides the various lessons we have some outdoor programmes, extracurricular activities and exchange programmes with German and Swedish students.

There are four types of classes in our school:

1) General class: In this class, you learn the mandatory subjects like maths, Hungarian language and literature, history, foreign languages.

2) I.T. /Public security class: This class is split into two groups. In the first, students have many I.T. classes, and in the second one students take an extra subject in public security and they are taught self-defense as well.

3) Tourism class: In this class you learn tourism, geography and economics besides the normal subjects.

4) Language preparational class: In this class, children have 5 forms instead of 4. At the end of the 3rd form they must take an intermediate language exam in Eng