Liceo Bertrand Russell Cles

Our school is called Bertrand Russell, after the famous scientist and philosopher known for his struggle in favour of justice and human rights because we wanted to underline the school main policy.
In our school we in fact have courses which focus on science subjects, humanities, social studies and foreign languages, German, English, Spanish, but also Chinese and Russian as optional subjects.
The new building is well-equipped with white boards and computers in every classroom and science, art and language labs; meetings, lectures , concerts and shows regularly take place in the big auditorium while sports events are held in the huge gym or in the outdoor facilities .
Every student is offered a wide range of extra activities which can vary from European exams in foreign languages and computer skills, music, a school musical, arts, astronomy and competitions in philosophy, reading, maths and physics and geography, but also humanitarian projects and events to raise money for charity. We all believe in the importance of social skills such as tolerance, justice democracy together with the development of academic skills and we do our best to teach them also through international projects of exchange and partnership with schools all over Europe but also in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Canada , USA and Hong Kong.