Zespol Szkol Lacznosci

Zespół Szkół Technicznych i Ogólnokształcących (formerly Zespół Szkół Łączności) is a vocational secondary school located in Gliwice, south of Poland. In September 2016 City Council of Gliwice decided to join two big vocational schools and one comprehensive school, as a result nowadays there are about 870 students, and 95 teachers. Our students are taught in five specialties, such as IT, logistics, forwarding, electronics and electricians.

Our students are 16 – 20 year olds. The students are mostly male.

We have 7 computer labs, diagnosis of computer equipment lab, 5 interactive whiteboards, robotics lab with HEXOR robots, logistics lab. There is newly opened modern outdoor sports pitch, as well as indoor sports hall and gym.

The foreign languages taught at our school are English, German, French and Spanish. There are also classes of vocational English and German. Additionally students have some basics of business and economics.

There are numerous extra classes, including computer graphics, photography and archery.

We collaborate with scientific institutes and academies. There is a group of devoted volunteers, who help people in need. There is also a big group of blood donors.

We are proud to boast that in school there is very high education level; 98% of our students pass the A-level exams, and most of them become the university students. Having graduated from ZSTiO our students don’t have problems with finding well-paid and interesting job.