IES Emilio Jimeno is a public institution which offers secondary education and vocational training of business, computers, electronics and mechanics.   It is situated in the city of Calatayud, 230 km Northeast of Madrid. The number of students is 819 and it is one of the most great High Schools of the Zaragoza County.

It has taken part in Erasmus and Leonardo Programmes since 2008 and students exchanges in France have also been carried out. These exchanges help acquire that international commitment our Educational Project states. Thus, we can comply with Europe 2020 strategy principles.

We wish to be in a medium term period the reference point in our geographical area of influence. We can manage to get it by accomplishing highly innovative European teaching programmes. We will promote our students exchanges in Europe, taking into account that the curriculum sets it as compulsory. We will promote the staff´s mobility focusing both on gender equality and on opportunities for people with disabilities or with problems to get integrated in our society. It´s a very important issue in our policy to cooperate with those European cities twinned with Calatayud .

We have also signed several agreements with others European centers to cooperate and offer training to students and to teachers.